A creepy ‘lifelike’ face replica has been unveiled in Japan. The 3DPFs or three dimension photo forms is a mask is created with vinyl chloride resin and offers awesome life 3D expression of human faces and heads.

REAL-f, the name of the lifelike 3D mask is created by taking a number of pictures of a person’s face (or head) from different viewing angles and imprints them on the vinyl chloride resin spread over a mold. The advanced modelling technique allows for super detail of the face or head, including blood vessels, pores and even irises.


The vinyl chloride resin lifelike mask is water-resistant and colorfast, making the human face replicas a good collectible gadget for the halloween’s masks party could be done in ‘realistic’ real human faces as possible.


The idea is actually not as unique as it might seem. America’s ThatsMyFace.com lets clients order 3D sculptures of faces based on uploaded or mailed pictures. The so-called “LifeMasks” are way cheaper, but also appear to be less realistic than REAL-f’s offerings.


More info about pricing, after the jump…


  • 3D Mask’s Price: Starting USD3,920.- [ takes about 2 weeks for a 3D mask, USD780.- for each additional copy ]

  • 3D Heads Price: Starting USD5,875.- [ takes about 3 weeks for creating the head model ]

[ Source: TechCrunch ; Real-F Japan ]