Kids are going to love this one. A Remote Controlled Motorcycle toy that is designed with stunning back flipping capability that executes perfect 360 degree back flips off its stunt ramp. The pair of ramps can be adjusted to an extreme vertical to execute the ‘holy grail’ back flip of motocross tricks or for testing the bike’s long jump capability (up to nine feet).

Even inexperience players could execute the big-air flips using the 75-foot range remote control that allows for forward-back, left-right and stop, the motorcycle itself is able to accelerates up to 120 mph scale speed, with rechargeable 9.6-volt battery that could provides up to 45 minutes of run time on a two-hour charge using the included AC adapter.


The dimension of this Remote Controlled Motorcycle toy is 14 x 12 x 5.5-inch (HxLxD), weighing 3 pounds and it is suitable for player ages 8 and up. The racing style remote controlled motorcycle is now available, right here!


Backedup with lifetime guarantee, will the R/C Motorcycle make a good Christmas gift?