Rennsenlaer Polytechnic Institute has introduced their latest invention of satellite cameras capable can read license plates using an enhance version of infrared imaging technology with a series of holes that each has 1.6 millionths of a meter wide. The infrared technology utilize nano-sized holes known as quantum dots that consists ultra-tiny crystals packing with super powerful optical and semiconductor components.

powerful-satellite-microlens-infrared-technology Base on the report, this tiny bit of microscopic infrared viewer could zoom images up to 20 times sharper and support day as well as night vision. Satellite cameras is capable to resolve wide images at 20 inches across. However, the highest-resolution imaging power of today’s sharpest satellites is still remain a governmental secret, expect something 20 times better the 1.6 millionths.

And it’s infrared, so the cameras will be able to spot heat sources, maybe even through walls. Even tinfoil hats won’t help.

[ Source: Gizmag ; Rennsenlaer Polytechnic Institute ]