How far has the touchscreen technology go? The new level of interaction with touchscreen technology will be no-touch, Ringbow concept designed by Israel’s Efrat Barit and Saar Shari.

Both of the designer confidence that the Ringbow concept will significantly enhanced the functionality of the touch-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets, all-in-one desktop pcs, e-Readers, laptops or netbooks in near future.


Ringbow concept

is suggested for wearing on user’s index finger, liberating the necessity for user’s index finger to touch the tablet or smartphone surface, spatial type of control similar to the Kinect camera.


The Ringbow concept is particularly designed for Bluetooth enabled touchscreen devices, and will work smoothly on Android platform using its own unique ID. On the side of the Ringbow, you will find a thumb reachable 5-way directional navigational button of up, down, left, right, and push that could be used to toggle between menus and making selection to the desired applications or number to dial.


Somehow, Ringbow concept has a similar functionality of an air mouse with more compact and complex design. Current prototype comes with clip-on model, you will see a glowing strip that signify the battery level and device status. Charging could be done via your on-board micro-USB port.

No info on mass production yet, but this should become a popular user interface for its compact size and potential usability.

[ Source: Gizmag ]