NSK, a Japanese company has unveiled their latest robot guide dog that useful to help visually impaired people. Of course, you can’t expect artificial intelligence technology that allow the robot dog to react to any unexpected situations. NSK is confidence that by implementing Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor into the robot dog, it will help to detect and analyze difficult obstacles including stairs and pavements will prevent visually impaired people from getting unwanted hurt while walking around the neighbourhood.

The dog robot is posed to become a replacement for real guide dogs that require expensive and months of training prior able to guide a visually impaired person walking around the street.

There are also proximity sensors located beneath the feet of the robot guide dog for giving kinesthetic awareness, allowing the robot dog to sense what’s around it’s feet.


Even though during the demonstration the robot dog still walk on stairs slowly, the robot guide dog is capable to offer the type of a guidance necessary for those visually impaired users.

There are still many capabilities  NSK wish to  integrate into the robot guide dog, including building motion and environment awareness besides other smart capabilities  real dogs have. But no worry for competition over the next five years, real guide dogs are still favorite option out there.

[ Source: Digitinfo ]