Did you ever believe that the shape of glass and ice cubes could deliver extra delicacy to the taste of your wine or whisky?

Well, some designers believe that the form of your glass, the color of your whisky and the shape of the ice cubes could really deliver better taste to your drink!



Following ROCK Glass comes with an ice ball maker made of silicone mold, the volcano shape of the inner glass could easily let users think of the melting mount Fuji due to global warming, or perhaps some fantasy about full moon, mountain and the lonely wolf-man. Whatever the crazy fantasy, this ROCK shape glass is capable to hold up to 8 oz of whiskeys or other spirits.



The shape of the glass makes rolling the ice ball easy, cooling drinks quickly and evenly without spilling. Round ice balls are said to last longer than cubes, and doesn’t easily water down your drink.

Interested to get some ROCK Glasses for your private bar at home? Get yours right here!