Chery Automobiles Company, a China base car manufacturer has recently introduced their electric cars concept – Ruilin M1. Despite many pros and cons about low awareness of China’s automotive industry toward eco-friendly vehicles, Chery Automobiles has somehow proven, market perceptions might not always right!

ruilin-m1-hybrid-electric-vehicle-chery-automobile-company Chery Automobiles’ Ruilin M1 electric car is proclaimed as the first battery powered vehicle released by a China’s car manufacturer, and was launched during the 25th World Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition held in Shezhen, China.

Ruilin M1 is designed with a top speed up to 75mph and able to reach 93 miles after a full recharge. Not much info being revealed at the moment we write above article.

Beside Ruilin M1, Chery Automobiles also introduced four other electric concept vehicles including Ruilin X1, Chery A5, Ruilin G5 and another M1 model.

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