This might be what majority of geeks have been waiting for! Samsung Electronics has announced the availability of their latest transparent display coded NL22B and a 1:1 ratio LED square display coded UD22B. The transparent NL22B display comes in 22-inch panel size, designed to allow images as well as animations to dynamically interact with the merchandise inside the showcase while still enabling passers by to view the product.

This 22-inch Samsung transparent display is possible to get 15 percent transmittance rate for exquisite picture quality, where the left, right and rear sides are built with protective tempered glass enclosed by sleek metallic frame, finalizing the NL22B with elegant touch.


Meanwhile, Samsung UD22B LED square display built with environment friendly Direct LED backlight technology for less heat as well as lower power consumption up to 30 percent less compare to standard LCD display with similar screen size. Samsung UD22B LED square display is capable to conserve energy by adjusting brightness according to the surrounding brightness, while users could manage content using Samsung’s unique MagicInfo software solution.


UD22B comes with 5.5mm bezel-to-bezel measurement for seamless installation and digital loop out to produce a single large image across up to 100 displays. The multiple displays could easily establish connection for creating creative mosaics as well as cubic or other three-dimensional shaped displays. Taking out the limitation of installation both in space or shape, businesses would be capable to create interactive point-of-sale as well as advertising media with higher flexibility to engage their customers or consumers.

Aimed for B2B market to help increase year end seasonal sales for department stores as well as public places such as airports, hospitals, shopping complex, hotels and restaurants, do you think Samsung UD22B is going to become the next possible replacement for those expensive square shape LED displays that have dominated public spaces for the last few years?

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