Plan to be released on September 11th in US and Japan, Sanyo’s Eneloop Lamp has already created an intriguing sensation among technology geeks in both countries.


There are three ways to use the Sanyo Eneloop Lamp:

1. It can be placed and used as an interior light.
You could put it on top of any flat – well designed furniture. The soft radiating luminosity emanating from this Sanyo Eneloop Lamp could create a relax atmosphere around it. You could put it on the 4 corners of your living room right on top of your living room floor.

2. The soft radiating light could be used in two modes:

Clear mode and Fade/dim mode, and it claims to have a healing touch.


3. You could use it as flashlight also, as it comes with a built in acceleration sensor.

All you have is tilt the lamp by 90 degrees to make the accelerator sensor perceive it, and the lamp would glow bright and guide you through the darkness. But I don’t think the outher casing look pretty fragile, weather it would be strong to be shock-proof.

Would it be a great surprise if the lamp come up with relaxation aromatherapy things?

Price : USD200.-

[ Source: Nexus404 ; Walyou ]