Robocop was once pretty famous movies back in the nineties, but it seems the future format for policemen chasing a criminal not necessary have to risk or sacrifice physical body. The Scarab Self-Driven Car is a concept that has the potential to reduce casualties, injuries or any unwanted fatal accidents during the chase of fleeing criminals.





Designed by Carl Archambeault,  Scarab Self-Driven Car concept is totally self-driven, lightweight, compact and designed to be zero emissions.  Scarab Self-Driven Car concept would be a neat answer for risky policemen tasks, involving gun fire or tasks that have high risk potentiality.

This is the best answer for stopping careless drivers that fond of road racing or speeding on the high ways. Scarab Self-Driven Car is designed with radar that will be triggered the moment it detects speeding vehicle passing by.

[ Source: EcoFriend ; Carl Archambeault ]