If you watched the secret agent movie where they could easily destroy their USB data, here is the change for you to own such fictional gadget! The self-destruct USB stick comes with a built-in GPS chip that allow a GPS satellite to track it, owner could choose to lock down any specified folder once the USB is plugged into any computer. Alternatively, owner could also destroy the USB flash drive by sending a signal for the USB to activate electric shock to the core chip of the USB drive.

No more nightmares in case you lose you important data stored inside the self-destruct USB flash drive during your traveling. The built-in GSM card with GPS chip will easily activate once the USB flash drive being connected to any power source and will send signals through any nearest cell tower using the built-in mobile SIM card to GPS satellite.


This way, it will allow owner to track down the location as well as manipulate the security of the data remotely through an online console or to sent it a coded text message. Alternatively, owner could simply send out command to electrocute/melt down the memory module’s core chip for complete peace of mind.

Of course, in order for this security technology to fully function, it should be located at the area where the SIM card could access to GPS satellite, it will not work, however, on the building with Wi-Fi proof construction.

Monthly Service Charge: GBP25.-

[ Source: BBC Co UK – Self Destruct USB Flash Drive ]