The time will eventually come for people in our dimension to enjoy the advanced visual technology of seeing through the wall.

A technology that allows scrambling light for consistent focus even when it passes through thin layers of paint has been developed by Jochen Aulbach and his fellow colleagues at FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics out in Amsterdam.


The idea is to let those muddled light that lost in the space-time continuum to regain its pulse continuation even passing through layers of solid material. Yes, it is resembling the X-rays’ principle that allow the camera to pass-through the meat, tendon and muscles.

Aulbach and his colleagues were using a spatial light modulator, or SMT, to control a 64-femtosecond long laser pulse that’s passed through a thin layer of paint. The SMT emits pulses that last long enough for only a machine to see and the data is sent to a computer for calibration.

The application possibilities for medical field is somehow encouraging, as one day, you might get your cancerous cells cured or eliminated using the blast through light without damaging any healthy tissue on the surface layers.

[ Source: NewScientist ; FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics ]