Designed by Jordan Swartzentruber, Sidewinder is a neat Self Contained Breathing Apparatus or SCBA concept. The Sidewinder was particularly designed for firefighters’ as a gas mask and the SCBA itself will have the ability to regulate and retract the air tube over the shoulder and thereby reducing snag points.

SCBA-Self-Contained-Breathing-Apparatus-for-firefightersOn the concept’s drawings, the Sidewinder mask consists of flashlight, voice amplifier and heads up monitor to provide more information, ensuring better functioning of the firefighters. A GPS feature was also being included in the design to ease firefighters determine which area is save for escape.

On this SCBA‘s design, you would also find the harness has been designed to enable users or firefighters to glide through tiny openings without have to remove their harness completely. No wording when this SCBA concept will proceed for  mass production yet.