What would you think about auto stirring feature at the bottom of a mug? Do you think a spoon will still relevant for diluting sugar or cream inside the large coffee mug?

Following Self Stirring Mug is designed with stainless steel finish, 4 3/8 x 3 3/8-inches (HxW) dimension, snap-lock lid for keeping your drink hot and a spinning plastic disk that will be whirling any liquid inside the Mug with a push of a button.

How do you like your coffee? Cream with one sugar? Nice. Just cream? Cool. Black? Rock on. Everybody except the black coffee drinker listen up – what do you use to stir your coffee? A spoon? Swizzles? Popsicle sticks? Bah. All of those so-called stirring solutions are fraught with failure.

self-stirring-mug-spinning-plastic-diskPowered by two AAA batteries located at the base of the mug, you could fill any type of drinkable hot or cold beverages into the Self Stirring Mug and whirr your drink for a perfect delicious blend!

Please be noted not to put ice cubes with little or not water inside the Self Stirring Mug, as it might damage the spinning plastic disk and
damage the simple electronic components installed on the base of the mug. After all, this is not a juicer, don’t you agree?

Price: USD18.99

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