You know that gesture you make when you’re trying to mimic a phone call, as if your hand was actually a phone?

A company called Innomdle Lab has just turned this age-old mimicry into an actual reality.

Even better than that, actually.

Sgnl is a technology that allows users to talk over the phone without actually holding a phone, and without the need for other accessories such as headsets.

SGNL Smart Strap

SGNL Smart Strap

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This unique, over-the-edge, yet surprisingly simple technology uses what is called a ‘bone conduction actuator’ to facilitate the transfer of sounds from the user’s phone, through the watch strap, and then finally, to the user’s fingertips.

The technology behind the Sgnl allows vibrations from a Bluetooth-enabled watch strap to travel through its users’ hand — all the way to the fingertips, which the users only need to put close to their ear to actually hear the person on the other line during a phone call.

Once the Sgnl’s watch strap is securely in place, and the device is connected to the user’s phone, he can answer incoming phone calls by simply touching a button — and placing a finger tip to his ear.

This feature, aptly called Fingertip communication, not only allows users utmost privacy in their personal communications, it also eliminates that often unsolvable problem of not being able to hear the caller in the other line in loud places.

The Sgnl, through proper ‘wavelength modulation’, boasts of an algorithm that selectively amplifies voice signals.

Designed by two Italian engineers and manufactured halfway across the world in South Korea, the SGNL does not only bank on this unique, magical, and borderline creepy feature.

It also comes with several other features that qualifies it as a full-blown activity tracker, through Sgnl’s very own app.

This device is currently available for pre-order, witn prices starting at $149, and is expected to be released formally sometime in August of this year.