A strange creation for the digital age, but Thanko Raremono has released their USB ShortWave Radio, a unique shortwave radio receiver and recorder with transparent frame and stylish blacky covers on both side.

This RAREMONO Thanko USB ShortWave Radio is capable of receiving AM, FM, and SW radio station broadcasts. Bundled with the product is an external antenna jack, though the actual tuning is done through its software.


The unique capabilities are the ability to let user to record anything being listened from the radio broadcast and convert it to MP3 directly, the other feature is the ability to schedule different recordings on different frequencies.

Wonder how many people still tune on their ShortWave Radio these days? But thanks to Thanko, The RAREMONO, as the name implies, is a rare gadget in today’s technology world.

Hence, this is an alternative in case you don’t have an internet with you, a great solution for audio receiving, recording and converting.

Price: USD45.- [ Get it from Thanko here ]