Frankly saying, saving lives might not be the dominant job for superheroes on marvell stories, ordinary folks like you and me could be the next one who safe those in danger. Uncle Milton National Geographic Expedition Sky Flare is one example of gadget that might help those in danger to launch signal on the dark sky in night to capture attention of rescuers searching for those in need.

Simply launch this bright, light-up signal sky-high to let your fellow explorers/rescuers to know where you are. The high flying, spinning action could soar up to 50 feet high!


Designed to be user-friendly, even kids with minor experience could launch the spiral slingshot light-up signal without much problem. Useful for those enjoy wildlife adventures, outdoor camping as well as hikers. Preparation for the emergency is always a good option, isn’t it?


The bright led will also be fun for playing with at night, just be cautious not to use it in the wood/forest/jungle, where people might think somebody is in the danger, playing on the open ground, city park or large yard certainly fun kids as well as adults.

Cost around 8 bucks, you could get this life saving gadget, right here!