A copter that comes with unique LED technology that flashes customized message up to 20 words (170 characters) in midair, a useful gadget for your child to inform next door about the approaching zombies around the neighborhood. 🙂

Skywriter UFO is an R/C Helicopter that need 6x AAA batteries to run. Fantastic LED flashes likely to attach attention especially upon the dark sky in the night. Messages could be entered using the wireless controller’s keypad, the Skywriter’s LED technology makes each character come to life, circling and pulsing with mesmerizing effect.

Useful for getting the messages without using any verbal wording, hey, you could use it to say something like “I love you Dad”, “I love you Mom” or even “Happy Birthday Darling!” without getting to noisy, right? 😉


The Skywriter UFO R/C copter is similar to other R/C copter, it could flies up, flies down and hovers for easy visibility. However, the 6x AAA batteries is only enough for an hour or so of fun time, while the internal built-in lithium-polymer battery is rechargeable through the infrared controller, which is powered by the 6x AAA batteries.


The copter’s frame is made of stable airframe, simple to fly and there are customized messages for the LCD screen, starting from “Happy Birthday” to “Take me to your leader” kind of wording.

Suitable for ages 8 years old and up, please be concerned if you let your toddlers playing with the copter, it has small parts that might pose a choking hazard to children.

The Skywriter was sold for $34.99, get it right here for special discount!