A compact and slim electric car with capability to go up to 60mph from zero within 4.0 seconds! This fancy two-electric motors electric vehicle is capable to top up to 120mph of speed using only one gear, and the slim 39-inches wide electric vehicle’s size will allow user to fit the vehicle into a 6-feet half-lane of parking space, eliminating the necessity for parallel parking as it could be parked perpendicularly to a curb without requiring much space.

If roads in your living area are spacy, you will eventually find a slim pathway to get out from the traffic congestion without much problems using this 120mph electric car. The two electric motors are actually the same kind found in diesel-electric locomotives, only these two are smaller in size with capability to produce over 1,000 lbf ft. of torque.


There are two seats, one at the front for driver while the other at the rear for passenger, the car’s chassis is constructed using stainless steel, chrome moly roll cage frame that meets the safety standard of sports car club of america racing standards. The vehicle’s body panels are built using carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass, offering four times protection found in typical SUV using the special side impact bars.

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