Do you still remember about Corning’s ambition to create interactive touch surface using their next generation of gorilla glass? You could watch the video, right here.

Nowadays, it seems everything is going ‘high-tech’, what once to be alien technology back in seventies are appearing to be a realistic gadget for modern living. From smart TVs, smartphones, smart windows, etc.


Toncelli has added the Prisma smart kichen that allow users to enjoy staying longer at home enjoy cooking while keep in touch with friends, news and online events.


Toncelli Prisma smart kitchen is designed to be sleek, stylish and has integration port for Samsung Galaxy Tab inside for touch surface. No wording if the kitchen surface using Corning’s gorilla glass, but this is an engaging kitchen touch surface experience that may not fit to the budget of average income households.

Showcased at Eurocucina 2012, Toncelli has partnered with Experientia to offer this smart kitchen with technology touch.

[ Source: Trendir ; Toncelli Prisma smart kichen ]