You might have noticed the big recycle bins on some of London streets recently? There will be around 25 units of Smart Recycle Bins that come with Dual LCD touch screens that will be prepared prior the London Olympics event kick-start later this year.

Each of the The Smart Recycle Bin is equipped with WiFi connectivity, and the likelihood for the authorities to connect them with wireless hotspot that could be used by general public.


Let’s hope that these Smart Recycle Bin will eventually replace the conventional old cast iron bins in London in the next decade, as they have been proved to survive bomb blasts at New Mexico desert tests.

Furthermore, these Smart Recycle Bin will have the feature that will inform nearby pedestrians about safety and evacuation measure to protect civilians around the neighborhood from possible any harm.

The Cost

The cost per unit of the Smart Recycle Bin with Dual LCD Screens are GBP30,000 while the total maintenance fee for over 21-year period will be GBP500,000.

london-smart-recycle-bin-with-lcd-screenDevelopers are actually seeking big sponsors such as Barclays to fund the project, while you could expect to see test units at other highly populated cities at developed countries to adopt one pretty soon.

[ Source: Dvice ; Architizer ]