Sony has recently announced two new extensions to the development SDK for the Smart Watch, that allow users to have a music player as well as puzzle game extension.

Probably to increase the selling of the SmartWatch, the music player extension on the SmartWatch is designed with capability to control music playback on your smartphone, showing current track of music being played as well as controlling volume and navigating through tracks. The music extension also capable to work with Android vanilla Music player, since both are open source version.

The second extension is called 8 Game, a simple puzzle game for the SmatWatch where player need to reorder the tiles on the screen until the full image is shown correctly, you could choose either using an image or numbers for the puzzle.


The tile could be moved if you press it or swipe it in the directio nyou want to move. Once the tiles are in the correct order, you could also share the result by email, SMS or through social media app. A long press during the game will bring up menu for starting a new game.

More information could be found at Sony Developer website, hopefully there will be more SDK support extensions coming up pretty soon.

[ Source: GeekyGadgets ; Sony SmartWatch SDK ]