A high quality Teddy Bear doll that has built in animation features has been a project by a group of researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

The Bear’s arms and legs are equipped with hidden motors inside its padded torso, simply by pulling on the strings with varying amounts of force, the limbs are able to move in different directions, creating a ‘life-like’ effect.


The animated Bear doll’s strings also respond to tension, the strings will detect and identify if the limbs have been touched or moved externally, and get the bear to articulate and respond back via its movements.

One concern over the future of robotic doll is the implementation of steel for the arms and legs, which should make the punches and kicks become dangerous for children, but less likely the robotic dolls’ arms and legs are made of fabric and stuffing.

No info on availability on US market or pricing yet.

[ Source: DigInfo ]