What could be more convenience than having a solar charging case for your iPad? Following iPad case is compatible to both iPad 2 and 3 with a dimension of 11 x 8 x -inch (LxWxD), weighing 1.5 lbs.

The Solar Charging iPad Case comes with integrated battery that offers up to 10 days of use of your iPad without any recharge is required. The solar panel built into the case’s front lid is designed with organic photovoltaic ink—a new technology that converts both indoor and outdoor light into electricity—that constantly charges an iPad.


No, there’s no requirement to put your iPad under direct sunlight to recharge the battery, you could get it recharged using indoor light as well. It uses USB port to connect smartphones and MP3 players, it also comes with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless data transfer including headsets’ audio streaming.

There is a built-in HDMI output as well to ease connection to your HDTV but you will need to prepare USB and HDMI cables.

The Solar Charging iPad Case is now available, right here!