Brighten up your garden with all kinds of exotic plants, but when the night has come, you might thinking of light up your beautiful garden.

What to do if the electricity cost is getting expensive day by day? Here is the new solution for all your garden electricity bill. The solar powered flower plant pot is another solar energized gadget. You could place it on your garden where the panel could absorb enough sunlight brighten your lovely garden.


This stylish solar powered flower plant pot could use solar energy to charge an internal battery that powers several built-in LEDs. As night falls the entire pot begins to glow, adding enchanting romantic touch to your garden.

It gorgeous colors could at a mild tone to your lovely garden. However you might be asking how if the pots are shaded by trees, walls or fences, how would it absorb enough sun light to power the leds?

Well, the solar panel is a separate spike connected to a pot via a 3 meter long wire. So, there’ll be no problem at all. Simply stick it in the ground and hide the cable. Genius, and no mains wiring required. What’s more the whole package is designed to be splash-proof to protect against the gorgeous western countries’ bright summer.


Solar powered flower plant pot is a brilliant way to brighten up any outdoor space at nightfall. And unlike many al fancy light sources it’s eco-friendly garden accessories.

Approximate running time in the UK
Summer 6-8 hours
Winter 2-4 hours

Price: USD22.95 [ get it right here ]

[ Source: Firebox ; Redferret ]