During those emergency days, where supply of petrol or diesel fuel is not available, what type of power generator will eventually survive? Good news for folks in U.S, there is a solar powered generator that capable to provides emergency electricity for any home appliance up to 1250-watt battery powers.

This Solar Power Generator is capable to run your refrigerator up to four days, television up to 35 hours, laptop up to 30 hours and unlike conventional gas or propane generators that generate noxious fumes and noisy sound once activated, this one will one produce any noise aka silent.


The 2x 30-watt monocrystalline solar panels are useful for recharging the generator on the open space of indoor places exposed to direct sunlight during the days for 20 hours long to reach the battery’s full capacity. The dimension of this solar power generator is 16 x 11 x 14.5-inches (LxDxH), weighing 103 lbs and the 8-feet long cords is useful to get the power from outdoor direct sunlight to your indoors power grid.

The built-in LCD panel will display information regarding the input wattage as well as outgoing power from the generator, and there is an indicator regarding the remaining power left inside the generator’s battery. For faster recharging, you could get up to eight solar panels, by which there are two included along with the purchase. Alternatively, you could recharge this solar power generator using conventional AC power in 16 hours to ensure you have back up of electricity during those unexpected power failure moment.

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