Great invention start from simple discovery! Perhaps that’s what inspired a group of students from Brooklyn’s James Madison and Edward R. Murrow high schools to show at Union Square Green Market about how easy it was making the green, solar powered pizza boxes that function as the oven that will keep all your pizza warm during the sunny day time.

Hopefully this type of easy to do invention could help in reducing carbon footprint triggered by excessive usage of microwave or other electric oven exists in common households. The solar powered pizza boxes will automatically heat the pizza during delivery process and arrive in warm condition on buyers’ door.


According to the group of students, these solar powered pizza boxes could heat up to 200 degrees on a hot summer day, which is more than the heat required to prepared a delicious pizza.

Rather than using electronic oven that likely to cost on global warming, the effort by these students is likely to give hope for next generation while building more public awareness toward the possibility of green technology in simple means.

Global warming should effect on global climate and hotter daytime, which should be a perfect timing for those innovative oven manufacturer to start rolling out similar type of green baking gadget. Build your business while helping the environment? Why not?