Who else want to get their garden or walkway a green-touch using solar powered led light? The best voted model is capable to light up for 10 consecutive hours during the night after a day of exposure to solar-rays.

The best model of solar walkway light cast illumination up to 12-feet away, exceed the standard models that project light only up to 3-feet away from their location.


Best Solar Walkway Light comes with a dimension of 21 x 20-inch (HxDia), and a weight of 1 1/4 lbs. The Best model is said to survive well against rain, sun, frost after months of usage and even when kicked over repeatedly onto cement surface.

The built-in stake enables simple placement into a lawn or flowerbeds, produces most bright, most expansive light up to 12-feet away. The integrated photo sensor on the top automatically turns the light on at dusk to provides either six or 10-hour intervals of light, but we guess it won’t work on the breezing and shady winter!

Interested? You could get the Solar Walkway Light, righ here!