A surprise for those celebrating year-end in Japan! You will be able to get the latest Sony PlayStation Vita handheld gaming console in Japan prior Christmas!

For those in Europe and US customers, you will have to be patient until early 2012, or if you just can’t wait anymore, you could pre-order Sony PS Vita from Amazon. Amazon promises a shipping date at 31st December this year, even though there is no official statement or press release from Sony yet.


The Sony PlayStation Vita for US market will come with a 5 inch multi-touch OLED display, a multi-touch pad on the rear, and two analog sticks at the front. You will also find front and rear facing cameras for video chatting or video recording purpose as well as built-in Wi-Fi for online gaming or internet browsing.

Will the WiFi and 3G model allow users to make internet phone calls? That’s still a mystery, but allowing internet with built-in mic and speaker will allow users to make a Skype call, at the least.

Retail Price: USD249.99 [ WiFi model, pre-order yours? Click here! ]

[ Source: Product Page ]