Have you read about the world’s first ‘coolest’ mini size ultrabook from Sony yet? Well, the Sony VAIO Q is one ultra small, coin-size ultrabook that comes with a very small 0.75×1.25-inch anti-glare LED backlit display.

Sony VAIO Q Series Ultrabook is powered by AMD Radeon HD 6650M 1GB GPU and you should own a monocular for examining diamond in order to get extra clear view of the display.

So much for the fantasy, I guess Sony VAIO Q is created on purpose to show the global VAIO users about the possibility of having a coin size mobile computer in an ultra tiny ‘form’ to suit their growing mobile needs.

However, a simple question is, what do you think the kind of stylus that should suit the small touch sensitive keyboard panel? Is there any Bluetooth connectivity for connection to large input device?


You might think this is ridiculous for common usage, but it should be useful for secret agent and government’s spies that does not want their computer being spied by enemy from distance using digital mono or binoculars.


Hmm…. Do you think it is a REAL tiny computer? It was released officially on April 1st at Sony Store, let’s check it out right here to see if it is a real computer or not!

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