Inspired by a proposal of Space-based Solar Power (SBSP) or Satellite Solar Power System concept an idea by Peter Glaser that suggested back in November 1968, and was patented in U.S back in 1973. The Satellite Solar Power System is a schematic model about transmitting the collected space solar energy to Earth’s surface in form of microwave or LASER beam utilizing satellite’s transmitter.

The satellite transmitter will further received by huge antenna of about one square kilometer of rectenna located at the ground. Few researchers of Japan and USA also further confirm the possibility of the power transmission by successfully experimented transmission of microwave energy between two islands apart about 190 kilometers from each other.

Glaser’s idea should become next level of alternative energy source that would become potential replacement of fossil base fules including coal, petroleum and natural gas. And as estimated by scientists, by end of 21st century, all the fossil fuels are expected to be consumed, nada, or fully used up.


Besides, fossil fuel exhaustion and global warming also trigger human kind to search for better, greener and preferably abundant type of green energy sources that will not cause any harm to earth and human beings in the long run. You probably have heard about the solar, wind, geothermal, sea tides and Arctic’s methane reserves.

Now is the time for human with their satellite technology to think about relaying the great abundance of sun’s energy to earth for more green energy reserves, however, scientists and countries with satellites on earth’s terrestrial outer space should wisely consider about the implementation, and further convey in-depth study regarding the possibility of damages caused by Laser Beams to earth’s ozone layer? Or will great energy beams destroy earth’s magnetic shield, etc…

Currently, the contribution of solar energy in power production only 0.03% of total world energy demand. If the laser beams of energy is absolutely harmless to earth’s condition, the SBSP power generation will definitely change the course of energy generation and fully transform human’s perception about energy source.

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The Pros:

  • 24 hour availability in space in comparison to earth’s surface
  • Undiffused and high intensity of thermal and photovoltaic energy
  • Consistent supply of energy, which is fully independent and uninterrupted above environmental factors as compare to intermittent supply in case of wind, tidal or ground-based solar energy.
  • Emission free unlike green gases from fossil fuel and radioactive wastes from nuclear energy.

The Cons’:

  • Higher launching cost
  • Lack of ecofriendly launch vehicles
  • Fragility and space wreckage
  • Inefficient power transmission
  • Possibility of other side effects
  • Doubt on project feasibility?

[ Source: EcoFriend ]