Do you remember about Logitech’s K750 wireless keyboard with solar panel? Here comes a new rival from Speedlink that also comes a solar panel integrated on the top side that allow users to power the keyboard using sun’s energy.

Scheduled for release third quarter this year, Speedlink’s wireless keyboard is run on solar power, no more worries about the running up of power using rechargeable batteries.


However, you will need to make sure that the solar panel is not covered in order to allow the keyboard to perform as it meant to be. For nights, you could use artificial lamp light to power the low weight keyboard. Additionally, if you are annoyed by those noisy keystroke on some wireless keyboard, you will find Speedlink’s wirelss keyboard with solar panel is design to fit your need in case you have children or sensitive next door that doesn’t really tolerate noise in the middle of the night when you need to put the extra mile of works for your projects.

The keybaord’s keys are in chiclet-style for ease of cleaning whenever it gets dirty.

Price: EUR49.99 [ Approx. USD65.- ]

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[ Source: SpeedLink ]