Evolution of a ball, in a digital way is always interesting to follow, should you remember about Sphero the Robotic ball? It was first unveiled back in September last year by Orbotix, the manufacturer of Sphero.

This little robotic ball could be controlled smartly through your smartphone or tablet, of course, it is impossible for the Sphero to jump up to your kitchen table, but minor jump through an upward surface is possible, while controlling is simply done by tilting, touching or swinging your smartphone or tablet.

Let’s roll the video to see how the kid plays with Sphero…

Sphero is designed to be compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. You could even play the golf game using your smartphone and consider Sphero as the golf ball, swing of your smartphone as if using your golf stick and the ball will detect the swing and move to the direction of the hit.

You could also draw a line or shape and Sphero will follow the path, moving in a fun way according to your drawing. Other mentioned features including apps for single and multi-player, relevant apps are available through the iTunes App Store or Android Market / Google Play, some of the apps are distributed for free.


Made using opague high impact polycarbonite shell with an Orbotix Smart Robot inside, the dimension of Sphero is 3-inch in diameter, with a weight approximate to a billiard ball.

Sphero works with bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. You could also change Sphero’s color to suit your mood or have it glow in the dark, the lithium polymer battery is enough for 60 minutes of playing and it requires 180 minute for full-recharge.


Inside the package you will find Sphero robotic ball, inductive charging base, Quick Start card and user manual.

Interested to get one for yourself or as a gift for your kids? Check the pricing and availability, right here!

Guess you might be wondering what’s the relation between Obama and the Sphero ball? Probably something to do with confusing the crowd with rolling ball policy? 🙂

Let’s roll the video below to find out what Obama is doing with the Sphero ball…

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