It might be still winter at northern hemisphere, but it is wise to keep up your daily indoor exercise routine rather than filling your stomach with some useless fatty foods and long sleep hours during the winter.

One sport gadget to help monitor your daily exercise routine is the Nike+ SportWatch GPS, it is a handheld navigator that ads personalization and motivational features to the running experience, including audible sounds, challenges, run reminders and other features.


Nike+ SportWatch GPS has GPS receiver that works in tandem with the shoe-based Nike+ Sensor for delivering highly accurate pace and distance data while in-run. You could connect the SportWatch directly to nike plus’ official site via your PC or Mac using USB cable for updating the firm ware or checking your exercises progress.

This SportWatch GPS is designed with water resistant property up to five ATM (50 meters). The rechargeable battery survive up to 8 hours of continuous usage.

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