Have you ever heard about spray-on fabric? A simple spray could get you a neat skintight T-Shirt that could be removed, washed and worn again. This is just like a science fiction story! The Spray-On Clothing technology was discovered by a Spanish designer with a PhD, Manel Torres, also a former student at Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.

Unlike conventional T-shirt that took few second to wear it on, the spray-on fabric’s T-shirt took about 15 minutes to finish the process of producing a stylish skintight T-shirt. Pictures on this post will show you about a demonstration on a male model for a spray-on fashion show last week.



Another potential area for using the Spray-on fabric technology would be on medical, transport and chemical industries. A sterilized fabric could be safely kept in a sterilized can, which is perfect for providing spray-on bandages without applying any pressure for soothing burnt or wounded skin, or it would also capable to deliver medicines directly to a wound as well as providing a sterilized bandage.


Manel Torres begun the sprayable fabric experiment about 10 years ago, inspired by people playing with silly string at a wedding. And not until the formula is being perfected by Paul Luckham, a professor of particle technology at Imperial College, this amazing spray-on fabric technology will completely change our imagination about how a fabric could be made of.

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