A new printable photovoltaic ink for creating solar cell has been unveiled by a research team of University of Texas lead by Brian Korgel, a chemical engineer at University of Texas.

The new printable photovoltaic ink is made using copper indium gallium selenide or CIGS, and owing to the nano-crystals of solar cells at about 10,000 times slimmer than a single strand of human hair, the photovoltaic ink could be used by simply spraying onto any surface and making it a power generator!

These nano-crystals solar cells are expected to provide better efficiency compare to conventional solar cells by 10 percent at more affordable pricing.


By now, the spray on solar cell technique has become a popular practices amongst various solar firms, owing to the simplicity and lower production cost. Users could apply this spray-on nano-crystals solar cells onto their houses’ walls, windows, roof tops, facades, and simply any surface that receive abundance of sun rays during the day.

Furthermore, the spray on photovoltaic coating technology is not limited to buildings, but also could be sprayed onto clothes or jackets to power small wireless gadgets including smartphones, iPods and mp3 players.

Lastly, the thin spray coating could also applicable to your EV or hybrid four-wheelers for recharging the car’s battery.

[ Source: EcoFriend ]