As far as the Star Trek Enterprise mission goes, this one is probably the weirdest, funniest ever. The Star Trek Enterprise Light Up Feeding System is designed for pleasing baby that has busy hands while eating and interest for blinking lights.

Introducing the Star Trek Light-Up Feeding System, it comes with starship spoon and motion sensitive light-up bib or napkin. The sppon is a replica of the original series of USS Enterprise NCC-1701, lead by captain James T. Kirk himself.

Designed for babies ages 12 months or older, the LED lights on the bib are motion activated, there is an on/off switch on the Enterprise Starfleet, and both the bib and the enterprise are washable with damp cloth, the spoon attachments are dishwasher safe.


Batteries are replaceable in the plane, but not replaceable in the bib. The bib comes with a dimension of 7.5-inch widest point x 12-inch tall, while the Enterprise spoon has a dimension of 8.5-inch long (with spoon attached) x 3-inch wide (the diameter of Enterprise’s saucer).

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