Can’t forget the lightsaber’s battle between Jedi knights with Darth Vader? Kotobukiya’s fun ‘Chop Sabers’ is an innovative blend between the Star Wars’ lightsabers with Eastern chopstick culture. Kotobukiya Chop Sabers are designed with over 8- or 9-inches long, casted in translucent material.

The Yoda’s 8-inches green Chop Saber is meant children, while the Luke’s and Darth Vader’s blue and red Chop Sabers are 9-inches long. Along with the purchase, buyers will get a special bonus of chopstick rests with translucent Star Wars logo for each set.


Yoda’s – Green Chop saber


Luke Skywalker’s – Blue Chop saber


Darth Vader’s – Red Chop saber

Do you think children will actually having fun eating with the Chop Sabers instead of using them for playing light-saber with the chop-sticks? Anyway, these Star Wars inspired ‘Chop Sabers’ are now available for online purchase, right here!