I am not talking about an awesomeness, but instead, the important ingredient that makes following gadget considered ‘cool’ lies on the practicality and portability the straight down picture camera stand could offers for those professional photographers on-the-go.

The straight down picture camera stand is specially designed in consideration for users with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4G, iPhone 3GS, Blackberrys , Androids and smartphones.

Modahaus’ Steady Stand 200 offers an elevated platform that support for overhead product photos for sharp, complete square-on, perfect exposed photos, while the clear and translucent side walls soften and diffuse any incoming light helping you to eliminate unwanted shadows for better position in capturing straight down photos.

Photo Credit: Modahaus

You could easily find the space to throw this Steady Stand 200 into your backpack and carried it wherever and whenever the client needs it. No more worries about light reflection for taking snapshot of shiny subjects including jewelries, but you could also use the Steady Stand to scan documents as well as receipts.

Price: $34 Now only USD24.99 [ update: Best of all, you will get free Worldwide Shipping on all Modahaus products ]

Thanks Lex!

[ Source: News CNet ; Modahaus – STEADY STAND 200 ]