Do you have large collection of premium CDs and DVDs movies, games, data or music? You might love to get extra protection for your CDs and DVDs using d_skin Disc Skins, a revolutionary product voted to be one of the coolest invention by Time Magazine, protected even while your CD or DVD are playing inside the player.

Simply snap the d_skin Disc Skins onto your games, movies, music or data discs for instant protection against scratches. The fascinating Liplock Seal will snaps tightly onto the edge of any standard size disc and holds tight.


The laser transparent d_skin protective Disc Skins work seamlessly on CDs, CD-Rs, DVDs, PlayStation2, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and computer CD or DVD games. According to the manufacturer’s info, d_skin Disc Skins will not affect music or video quality in anyway, you could even burn through them when doing your backups or saving those captured pictures and videos.

Let’s roll the video for more info about the d_skin’s protective layer…

No need to remove d_skins since the patented film layer is invisible to layer devices and does not have any affects on music, data, image or video quality. Whenever you see there is dirt, fingertips or smudges on your d_skin layer, simply get a clean cotton fabric and wipe the marks in a straight line from the center to the disc’ outer edge. CD or DVD’s cleaning detergent or isopropyl alcohol also allowed in the cleaning process.



Once your discs are skinned, there is nothing to take off or put on when you are playing, storing or transporting your games, videos, or music.

Thanks Robert!

[ Source: DSkin ]