The legendary name of Swiss watchmaking is a testimonial of time, and many renown Swiss watches, including Stuhrling Original timepiece that enjoy a lasting favorable word of mouths among users. We just stumbled across this unique and stylish looking Stuhrling Original wrist watch called Emperor’s Grandeur Automatic Skeleton Silver Dial Watch with a very classy outlook and think you might be looking for something like this all these years.


Designed with high-end looking package, the product is neatly organized inside the box and the skeleton mechanics is beautifully behold through the glass whenever you are looking at the time, you will see the watch itself. You could leave the watch sit for a day or two without having to rewind it.


Stuhrling Original cases are distinguished by their technical complexity, their high-end aesthetic appeal and the quality of their finish. The watch cases are made from antimagnetic 316L surgical grade stainless steel, an extremely sophisticated alloy designed to stand up to intensive use. The rough parts, known as “middlecases” are blanked from a metal bar using a high-performance press. They then undergo eight successive stamping operations of a strength increasing gradually from 20 to 85 tons. Before each swaging operation, the middlecase is refired at a temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius, so as to temporarily reduce the hardness to a total stamping pressure of more than 400 tons. Finishing the cases then calls for fifteen polishing operations, all performed by hand alternating with nine baths guaranteeing immaculate cleanliness. Other components of the cases, such as rotating bezels or rider tabs also require a meticulous finish. The components of the cases are finally assembled by hand and rigorously tested.

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