Kids love to play in the rain, and if you just can’t afford to see your precious angel fall sick after playing in the rain, here is a neat superhero raincoats made from all natural rubber and waterproof polyurethane with a soft, cotton lining.

The detachable ‘batman’ cape has easy to clean off grime from the liquid type of puddle splashing.


This all-weather superhero costume for your kids comes with a glow in the dark logos. Meant for kids ages 2 and up, this superhero raincoat is available in Batman and Superman style of costume, built from 100% polyurethane and deluxu lining fabric of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton.


Superhero never wait for sunny days, so your kids would love to have their adventure event on those rainy days, don’t they? Let your kid enjoy their fight for the justice event on those rainy days, click here to check for pricing and availability.

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