From the outlook, following best talking watch looks just like any ordinary analog wrist watch with hour, minute and second hands, but this model is by far rated the best in the category by Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, where it will announces time or date distinctly in a male voice.


Ideal for drivers or those that inconvenient to look at their watch or those with visual problem, the best talking watch has a 3/4-inch wide black leather strap fits writs up to 8.5-inch, the watch’s stainless steel case face is 1.5-inch in diameter and has the depth of 5/8-inch and has a weight of 6.5-oz.

Driving on the highway where concentration need to be focused on road, having the talking watch to tell you about the current time is somehow helpful, don’t you think so? With ease of access using two buttons, the talking watch automatically synchronizes nightly with the atomic clock in Ft. Collins, CO, a timekeeping standard that won’t vary by a second in 80 million years.

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