A genius boy studying at Davidson Academy of Alabama, Taylor Wilson is a 17-year college boy that was recently honored the Intel International Science Fair of his amazing invention that capable to detect weapons in shipping containers. Wilson also built a nuclear fusion reactor when he was 14!


Taylor spoken at the Intel International Science Fair recently about the possibility of using his invention to easily scan and detect cargo containers for weapons, the device could also acts as an X-ray device, scanning containers for fingerprints or traces of radioactive materials without having to open them.


Understandably that, with increasing number of cargo container (over 35 million units) going in and out the U.S Customs and Clearance each and every year, this type see-through inspection gadget will definitely ease the burden of clearance process as well as offering extra security for defining the incoming goods from overseas countries.

Taylor is currently preparing to get a Ph.D in nuclear chemistry and planning to establish his own company.

[ Source: Ubergizmo ]