1. China’s world’s fastest supercomputer needs a casemod — badly

chinas-fastest-supercomputerBy Dvice ; Mashable ; Nvidia Press Room

2. Note Me Pillow

Note-Me-PillowBy LikeCool ; Book Of Joe

3. The CrystalRoc Samsung Galaxy Tab dazzles as the world’s most exclusive tablet computer

Crystalroc-Samsung-Galaxy-TabBy Luxury Launches ; CrystalRoc

4. Apple is Working on iPhone with Ultimate SIM Card – Report

iPhone-4-ultimate-sim-card-reportBy Redmonpie ; GigaOm ; TechCrunch

5. Tivoli Audio Model 10 Dual Alarm Clock Radio

Tivoli-Audio-Model-10-Dual-Alarm-Clock-RadioBy iTechNews ; Tivoli

6. Iron Man Pinball For Serious Fans With Serious Disposable Income

iron_man_pinballBy Uber Review ; TechnaBob

7. Dion Computer’s prototype 4.8-inch clamshell Android MID revealed

Dion-Computer-prototypeBy Pocketables ; Zol.com.cn

8. Cat Halloween Costumes – Creepy Cat Tiger Or Spooky Tiger Cat?

pictures-of-cats-halloween-tigerBy Band Of Cats

9. Did You See Anything Strange In The Spooky Mirror Of This Little Japanese Girl’s Room?!!??

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