A Korea based company participating in ECO Expo recently has unveiled their ‘Thermalysis’ heat exchanging thermal device that designed to adopt hydrolysis process that converts waste plastics into high-grade eco-distillate fuel. According to the company’s CEO, Mr. Kyeng-sik Park claims, the Thermalysis process has been proven to be viable to pursue and economical to implement.

Korea Water Tech, the company name, is adopting the bio-alchemy in 21C which proven to have the capability to convert bio-organic matters into recycling energy without bubbles or sequence order.


This ECO Expo itself is an event encouraged by South Korea’s Ministry of Environment and hosted by Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, which was meant to create digital contents for promotion in the ENVEX 2012 or better known as 34th International Exhibition on Envinroment Technology and Green Energy that was held back in June 11 to 14 this year.

Further info about this Thermalysis could be obtained from Korea Water Tech company.

[ Source: Aving.net ; Korea Water Tech ]