Moms that desire to enjoy their gardening session on the weekend, here comes the deal for a foldaway greenhouse that suitable for those desire to keep plants organize at their little backyard.

Designed with one-piece frame and built-in shelves unlock, you could finish the setting up whenever it is necessary without requiring tools.


The dimension is 60 x 18.5 x 24-inch (HxDxW), with a weight of 15.5 lbs, consists of 4x 24 x 18.5-inch (LxD) shelves that capable to accomodate pots, trays and garden supplies up to 50 lbs on each shelf. The transparent PVC cover offers visible view while provides 360 degree of sunlight, shelters plants from wind, pests and driving rain.

There are two zippers that run nearly the full height of the greenhouse to provide easy access.

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