Back to past when brewing tea was more an art at castles and palaces, they might never thought of getting a unique design for the teapot like following Tipping TeaCup, an innovative design that let users to brew tea without two sitting angles, the right angle for brewing and the left side angle is for the ready-served tea.

Following video will get you more details on how the Tipping TeaCup works…

A winner for 2011 Red Dot Design, Tipping TeaCup comes with a dimension of 4.75 x 4 x 3-inches (LxWxH) and weights about 6 oz. Designed with intention for users to brew loose tea, but tea bags also works as well on the Tipping TeaCup. It is not a microwave safe tea brewing plastic device, but you could wash the Tipping TeaCup inside your dishwasher.


Sip a small amount of freshly brewed tea early in the morning, feel the fresh and aromatic green tea flavor spoil your smelling sense, you will probably agree that it is a wonderful morning today!

Price: USD20.-

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