Fancy toothpicks made of anodized grade 5 titanium (Ti-6A1-4V) with multicoloured food grade surface treatment. These tiny toothpicks are durable, reusable and meant to replace those sharp piece of metal of bamboo toothpicks for lifetime usage.

The titanium is light weight, very strong, won’t rush, won’t take charge and non-reactive to humans (non-allergenic). There are two versions of these titanium toothpicks, including epoxy or tritium paint for glow in the dark effect.


No ‘ferro’ element is used during the manufacturing, these picks are durable, reusable and plain awesome. Originally an idea by Jamie Piekkola, and sold through his Facebook page, each titanium toothpick has a slightly rounded tip to prevent hurting your teeth or gums.


There a set of grooved rings at the other end which could be left metallic or filled with either the epoxy or tritium paint to your liking. In order to let the epoxy version to glow in the dark, you will need to expose the titanium toothpicks to light for a while in order for it to work properly.


The tritium version, on the other hand is, radioactive and it will glow for years, but you could rest assured that it will do no harm than the tritium being used in many watches just for this purpose.


  • wooden version: USD35.- [ natural finish ]
  • wooden version: USD40.- [ multi-colored anodized ]
  • Glowrings : USD5.-