In short, 🙂 NetTalk TK6000 that is also called NetTalk Duo. It is a handy ethernet to VoIP phone converter device. You could use NetTalk TK6000 to convert your ethernet internet connection into a VoIP phone line.

However, you will need to have high speed internet service in order to enjoy affordable VoiP phone using the netTalk Duo. netTalk-ethernet-to-Voip-phone-line-converter Unlike any previous VoIP phone devices, NetTalk Duo emphasize more on its compact size to provide more convenience carrying the device around for usage in your office or home. You could either connect it to your router or to your computer at one side and to a wired or cordless phone on the other end. No details on installation guide and device usage, but we make a rough guess that it will, at least, need an application to be installed on a computer to enable the device to fully function. Unfortunately, the netTalk Duo service seems to be valid for U.S. and Canada only. No info on global availability yet.

Price: USD69.95 [ first year fee, including free phone service fee, a USD29.95 each year after ]

[ Source: Engadget ; netTalk ]